Jacob Frey

Age: 36

Bio: Born in Arlington, Va., he grew up in northern Virginia the oldest of three children. He moved to Minneapolis in 2009 after first visiting the city to run the 2006 Twin Cities Marathon. He's married.

Education: College of William and Mary, Villanova Law School.

Work experience: Professional long-distance runner who finished fourth for Team USA at the 2007 Pan American games; moved to Minneapolis to be a Faegre Baker Daniels attorney; later joined Halunen and Associates firm.

Political and public experience: Pro bono death penalty appeals attorney; volunteer attorney for victims of 2011 Minneapolis tornado; founder of Big Gay Race intended to raise money to oppose Minnesota's proposed same-sex marriage ban; defeated Ward 3 City Council incumbent in 2013.

Main issues: Frey says the city has lost 10,000 units of affordable housing in the last 15 years, and needs a consistent solution to fix it. He also wants the city's planning and regulation authorities to offer people mixed and convenient land use and easy access to the sharing and gig economy. Frey says he also wants housing, employment and educational policy to help roll back the city's legacy of segregation and racial disparities.

Party: DFL

Why he is running: "Right now, more than ever, with a Donald Trump presidency and gridlock at the state and federal Legislature, we need a very visible and present mayor that's about getting results. I do strongly believe I am the one to lead right now and I could make a big difference that would help a whole lot of people."

What you might not know about him: Frey's parents, before his father became a chiropractor, were both professional ballet dancers.

Website: https://jacobfrey.org/