ID=13987471ST. PAUL. Minn. -- Jeff Johnson pulled ahead of his three Republican competitors in Tuesday's primary. And now, all four men are uniting in their campaign to unseat Gov. Dayton.

"I don't want to hear any yapping around from people about 'hey I'm not behind this person or that person,' we're all behind Jeff Johnson 100 percent," said primary candidate Marty Seifert.

Johnson said he expects Governor Dayton to tout the state's four and a half percent unemployment rate, but asserted Minnesotans are just as worried as ever.

"Don't just give me a stat about how great things are. We could be doing better. And the problem is we are not growing businesses in this state," said Johnson.

Dayton was in Mankato Wednesday, at an event marking the expansion of the Civic Center arena, paid for with a bonding bill he signed.

"He wants to roll back the minimum wage. He voted against the minimum wage when he was in the Legislature, and now he wants to take away the increases people will have," said Dayton.

Both candidates said they expect the tone of the campaigns to be civil, but that won't bar outside groups from going negative.