Melvin Carter

Age: 38

Bio: Fourth generation St. Paulite; middle child, with two sisters; his grandparents lost much of their real estate to the Interstate 94 construction through the Rondo neighborhood. He's married with two children.

Education: Florida A&M University, master's degree from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School.

Work experience: Staffer for Mayor Chris Coleman; worked on Gov. Mark Dayton's staff as director of the Children's Cabinet.

Political and public experience: Started his public service at Wellstone Action on the Kerry-Edwards campaign and as a Got Voice/Got Power staffer; worked on making Green Line development accommodate University Avenue neighborhoods; elected Ward 1 City Council member in 2007, later resigned to join the Dayton administration; helped found Promise Neighborhoods in St. Paul and has worked on early childhood education initiatives for the state.

Main issues: "We talk about how there are two St. Pauls. There is the St. Paul that we're building up really tall, and we see skyscrapers and cranes over our city and tons of opportunity. And there's the St. Paul that feels lost in its shadows ... I'm somebody that's grown up in both sides of that conversation well enough to know there's only one St. Paul and we have to work together."

Party: DFL

Why he is running: "We have more people living here than we have in a generation, more places to catch a game, experience the arts, or just grab a great meal or local beer. I think we have work to do to make sure this is a city that works for everyone, where everyone in every corner of our city knows that they have access to the highest quality of public services possible, and building an economy that works for everyone."

What you might not know about him: He was a state high school track champion in the 100-, 200- and 400-meter events and came in second in the long jump. He went to Florida A&M on a track scholarship.