MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The Minnesota chapter of a Muslim civil rights organization says President Donald Trump's new travel ban must be challenged.

Jaylani Hussein is executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Minnesota. He says Trump is trying to make the discriminatory ban more palatable to the courts. But Hussein says it's really an attempt to legalize bigotry.

The ban issued Monday would bar new visas for citizens from six Muslim-majority countries - including Somalia - and temporarily shut down America's refugee program. Minnesota has the largest Somali population in the U.S.

Hussein says the ban will delay the reunification of many families whose loved ones have already been in refugee camps for years. And, he says the ban won't make America safer because it gives terrorist organizations propaganda for recruiting.

Other Reaction

MN Rep. Betty McCollum - “President Donald Trump’s new executive order on immigration and refugees is nothing but a repackaged version of a bigoted policy that numerous federal courts already struck down...I will continue to stand alongside millions of Americans from all walks of life against President Trump’s discriminatory policies. It is long past time for House Republicans to come off the sidelines, speak up for our American values, and stand up to President Trump.”

MN Rep. Keith Ellison - “Let’s not kid ourselves: the new Muslim Ban is still a Muslim Ban. Yes, it’s lawyered up a bit, but that’s all. While the Administration made some token changes to its original Muslim Ban in order to try and appease the courts, the intent is the same. Trump called for this ban in the Presidential primary, stuck with it during the General Election, stated he would pursue it before his Inauguration, and implemented it a week after taking office. Only when it was defeated in the courts did he tweak this order."

MN Sen. Amy Klobuchar - “For the second time, this Administration has put in place an order that bans all refugees from all over the world for 120 days, and drastically reduces the number of refugees who will be welcomed to the United States each year. Minnesota and the entire country are strengthened by our refugee and immigrant communities. As legal workers, they are a vital part of our economy. Refugees are extensively vetted as it is, and if the Administration wants to change the vetting process, they could do so without immediately banning all refugees from every country in the world.”

MN Sen. Al Franken - “This new executive order is more of the same discrimination and fear-mongering from the Trump Administration: the order bans people from entering our country based solely on their refugee status or where they come from, goes against who we are as a nation, and actually makes us less safe,” Sen. Franken said. “I strongly opposed President Trump’s previous travel ban because it was poorly thought out, poorly executed, and above all, it hurt Minnesota families. Make no mistake, it remains discriminatory, short-sighted, and completely unacceptable. I’m going to continue to fight for Minnesota families because this executive order is not who we are as Americans.”