Nekima Levy-Pounds

Age: 41

Bio: Born in Jackson, Miss., Levy-Pounds grew up in south central Los Angeles the oldest of five sisters; moved to north Minneapolis in September 2015. She is married with four children.

Education: UCLA and University of Illinois College of Law.

Work experience: Law clinic attorney and supervisor; University of Illinois and St. Thomas School of Law professor; founder of Black Pearl, a Minneapolis-based consulting company.

Political and public experience: Volunteer attorney at the University of Illinois law clinic; Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law fellowship; started family law and civil rights legal clinic at St. Thomas; legal observer for the National Lawyer's Guild in Ferguson, Mo.; Minnesota Lawyer Attorney of the Year in 2014; past president of the Minneapolis NAACP; past member of preaching team at First Covenant church in downtown Minneapolis; led some of the reaction to the police shooting of Jamar Clark in 2015.

Main issues: Levy-Pounds has a five-point platform focusing on economic justice, particularly for employment equity; raising the minimum wage; environmental justice focusing on asthma and cancer incidence in north Minneapolis; police reform; and keeping housing affordable in the city. She also wants the city to play a larger role in closing educational disparity in the city's public schools.

Party: DFL

Why she is running: "I know what I have gone through. I know what I have endured. I know my strength and resolve and my ability to stand up for and fight for what is right. Having that perspective is vitally important when people are bringing issues to the table, being able to weigh what they're saying against what's happening and then engaging in problem solving ... I have never accepted that this is just the way that we do things or this is just the way that things are."

What you might not know about her: Levy-Pounds was a poor teenager living in south central Los Angeles when she was selected for a full scholarship to the Brooks School, an elite boarding school north of Boston.