MINNEAPOLIS - The President's two-day visit includes more than town hall-style meetings and grand speeches.

It also involves eating a burger with a Saint Anthony mother and picking up some ice cream at a St. Paul institution.

On Thursday, before his event at Minnehaha Park, President Obama stopped at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. The bar near Powderhorn Park is famous for its Jucy Lucy hamburger, and that's exactly what the President ordered. That while enjoying the company of an increasingly famous woman, named "Rebekah."

"It was the experience of a lifetime. Best way I could think of to show my kids that no matter who you are and where you come from, if you speak up, you know you can make a difference," said Rebekah Erler.

Erler recently wrote the White House a letter. She hoped to share the challenges unique to the middle class. A couple of weeks ago, the White House wrote back saying they wanted to talk with Erler. And before she knew it, the accountant and mother of two preschool-aged boys was sitting across from the leader of the Free World.

"I just wanted to put a voice to what the middle class deals with every day," she said, adding, "just the rising cost of child care and the diminished buying power that kind of limits - you know, you have to make harder choices on where your money goes."

The President's response, according to Erler?

"That he's listening, and he's doing what he can," Erler said on Thursday.

Erler wasn't the only one pleased by the President's impromptu stop at the hamburger place.

"I was just shaking. I couldn't believe it," said Libia Webster, who served the President his cheese-filled burger.

"We were just so excited," she said, adding that she planned to frame the tip left by the President.

Webster wouldn't reveal just how much that tip was.

Meantime, other workers at the bar said the President's visit rounded out an otherwise up-and-down day. On Thursday morning, the staff learned the original owner of Matt's Bar - Matt Bristol - passed away before learning of the President's visit.

Also on Thursday night, Obama stopped at Grand Ole Creamery and the Golden Fig - both in St. Paul - before continuing to a DCCC fundraiser at the Minneapolis home of former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Sam Kaplan and his wife, Sylvia.