Raymond Dehn

Age: 60

Bio: Dehn was born in Robbinsdale and grew up in Brooklyn Park the third of four children. He wrestled in high school. Cocaine use landed him in jail at 18 and then drug treatment. He was pardoned in 1982. He's divorced, father of an adopted son; moved to north Minneapolis in 2000.

Education: University of Minnesota.

Work experience: His first job was as a Prudential insurance clerk. He's also run a small construction company and has been an architect at three firms. He's now an independent architect.

Political and public experience: One-time president of the American Institute of Architecture Students; board member of the American Institute of Architects; appointed by R.T. Rybak to the city's Capital and Long Range Improvement Committee; Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility; 2012 Bush fellow; ran unsuccessfully against state Sen. Linda Higgins in 2010; won House Seat 59B in 2012, representing north and downtown Minneapolis.

Main issues: Dehn says it's critical the city have affordable housing and that the city is safe for everyone. He says City Hall needs to function differently than it functions today; he says the current relationship between the mayor and council isn't functioning well and isn't serving the public.

Party: DFL

Why he's running: At the Capitol, Dehn has worked on criminal justice issues, like "Ban the Box," police and law enforcement training and reform. Dehn calls the fatal police shooting of Jamar Clark and subsequent 4th Precinct protests a turning point.

"The 4th Precinct is six blocks from my house. That was my neighborhood. Seeing that, it really made me think about can we do things differently? Are there ways approaching protecting our citizens and serving the people of Minneapolis that could be different?"

What you might not know about him: He was on the architectural team that designed the giant cable-stayed skyway you see when you drive into the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Website: https://www.raymonddehn.com/