Ron Lischeid

Age: 69

Bio: Lischeid was born in Bethesda, Maryland, where his father was stationed while working for the Pentagon. When Ron's father died in 1950, his mother moved back to Minnesota. He attended Wooddale Elementary School. The family then moved to New York, but Ron moved back to Minneapolis in 1966 to attend the U of M.

Education: University of Minnesota, B.S. in technical and vocational education.

Work experience: More than 50 years of ownership and management experience in the vehicle repair, food and beverage, transportation and vehicle rental industries in the Twin Cities.

Political and public experience: Now aligned with the Independence Party, Lischeid says he is both a former Democrat and former Republican. "Because the office of mayor is a non-partisan office, I am running for mayor of Minneapolis as a true independent with no endorsements sought."

Main issues: "As a blue collar, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-things-done mayor, I want to focus on the basic mission of city government - safe streets and neighborhoods, well-maintained infrastructure, affordable housing, eliminating homelessness, economic and social equity, job creation - I want to focus less on Minneapolis being a Sanctuary City and more on it being a City of Opportunity for everyone - my four-year goal is to work toward achieving 'One Minneapolis for All People.'"

Party: Independent

Why he is running: "I want to restore people's confidence in city government and elected public officials. I want to provide a non-DFL alternative to the 140,000 registered voters in Minneapolis that typically sit out voting in Minneapolis' odd-year city elections. I want to provide a candidate to voters who is not obligated to the demands of special interests, large donors, unions, special interest groups, political party platforms and lobbyists. My three-word campaign designation on the ballot is 'People Over Politics.'"

What you might not know about him: "I spend my summers grilling meat and roasting sweet corn at over 20 community and civic events including the PRIDE Family Picnic, the volunteer food tent at the PRIDE Festival in Loring Park, the Pratt Ice Cream Social, the Como Cookout, and StandDown for Homeless Vets."


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