Tom Hoch

Age: 62

Bio: Hoch is a Minneapolis native, the fifth oldest of 11 kids, and a twin. A widower, he is remarried with two children.

Education: University of Minnesota, St. Cloud State University and Hamline Law School.

Work experience: Minneapolis public schools classroom teacher; family law attorney; Minneapolis Community Development Agency staffer; Minneapolis Public Housing Authority executive; theater executive who led redevelopment of the State and Orpheum theaters on Hennepin Avenue.

Political and public experience: Downtown Improvement District founder and board chair; Planned Parenthood board member; Animal Humane Society board chair; St. Anthony East and Downtown Neighborhood Association board chair.

Main issues: Hoch says to keep downtown an economic engine for the city, safety and hospitality must be priorities. He also wants to find nontraditional ways to make housing affordable across the region. He wants to keep property taxes affordable, boost job creation through economic development and work with business to make Minneapolis a national center for food research.

Party: DFL

Why he is running: Hoch is bidding to be the city's first openly gay mayor and has been called "The Mayor of Hennepin Avenue." But he says his top priority is economic growth.

"My issues with the city are really that we have no plan. We have no plan for prosperity. Everything is about how do we slice the same pie into thinner and thinner slices, rather than how do we bake a bigger pie? When we have to talk about these tactical things, without a broader vision, we are in trouble because those are issues that simply divide people all across the board."

What you might not know about him: Hoch has a daughter, fathered more than 40 years ago when he was in high school.