Troy Benjegerdes

Age: 42

Bio: Benjegerdes grew up on a farm in Iowa and left for college at Iowa State, where he got an engineering degree. He returned to the family farm in Manly, Iowa, in 2010. The next year, he moved to Minneapolis to work for Cray, testing supercomputers. He became passionate about utility municipalization after his experience with the municipal utility in Ames, Iowa. That issue prompted him to run for mayor in 2013. Since then he has also become involved in cryptocurrency.

Education: Iowa State University, electrical engineering

Work Experience: 15 years embedded linux software development, 5-7 years researching and selling renewables and solar, lifetime farmer.

Political and public experience: Occupy Wall Street, Minneapolis Energy Options, and running for mayor in 2013.

Main issues: Local currency, local food, local energy

Why he is running:
"I am running for mayor because with ranked choice voting, I can bring up issues which would never make it into the traditional two-party (or in Minneapolis, one-party) political system. I want to raise awareness of the potential for financial cryptography and cryptocurrencies to allow states and cities to experiment with new (or old) ideas like Basic Income instead of letting the only discussion about money supply or how it's distributed take place in a corrupt partisan political process halfway across the country."

What you might not know about him: Troy has a cat named Catoshi, after Satoshi, the anonymous creator of the first practical cryptographic currency Bitcoin.


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