PHOENIX, Ariz. - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says Minnesota could be in play come Election Day.

"We can win Minnesota," Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday.

Trump made the statement during a portion of his speech about the rising cost of health care.

"In Minnesota, where the premium increase will be close to 60 percent, the democratic governor, who's a real party stalwart, said the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable," Trump said. "That's in Minnesota. A state that we can actually win."

Governor Mark Dayton made the stinging critique of the Affordable Care Act on Oct. 12 while addressing questions about Minnesota's fragile health insurance market. Dayton has urged legislative leaders to come up with solutions by the end of the month. Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt said he'd call on the governor to resign if Dayton isn't working around the clock to hammer out health care fixes.

If Trump were to win Minnesota, it would be quite a shocking development. The latest RealClearPolitics poll has Clinton up by six points in the state. Minnesota hasn't voted Republican in the presidential election since Richard Nixon.