GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - A new poll has Governor Scott Walker pulling ahead of his challenger Mary Burke in the race for governor in Wisconsin.

The Marquette University Law School released its newest poll Wednesday showing Walker with 50 percent to Burke's 43 percent. Three percent are undecided. But the race is essentially even when polling only registered voters.

Franklin warned the numbers could still change.

"The obvious caveat is turnout, turnout, turnout. You see an incredibly tight registered voters race one that has been narrow throughout the year," said Charles Franklin, a Marquette law professor.

Previous Marquette University polling had Walker, a Republican and Burke, a Democrat each with 47 percent of the vote.

According to the poll, 93 percent of Republicans say they will vote. That's compared to 82 percent of Democrats saying they are voting, and 75 percent of Independents.

"I'd rather be ahead than behind but I know the only poll that matters is the one we take next Tuesday on election day. So we're going to be running hard," said Walker who campaigned in Hudson Wednesday.

Burke campaigned in Green Bay. She said the race will come down to meeting supporters face-to-face and getting them to the polls.

"Voters get a chance to hear from me directly about the governor I will be and how I will lead Wisconsin forward, and its based on the incredible potential we have here in Wisconsin," said Burke.