The great debate over candy corn has reached the 9NEWS newsroom.

The orange, tri-colored Halloween treat has recently gotten a bad rap, because, well, it's perhaps an acquired taste.

Or just gross, depending on how you look at it.

Some people in our newsroom love all kinds of the molded sugar, year-round (which is weird, don't you think?).

Others swear by the pumpkins only. Yet others insist the chocolate variety is the only kind worth eating.

Where do you stand? Cast your vote in this highly unscientific, fall-themed poll: Which kind of candy corn is least gross?

And share with your friends so you can judge them if they like all candy corn, all the time. Not that a certain 9NEWS web producer who wrote a lengthy blog about attempting to be like Beyonce while drinking copious amounts of water admitted to that.

Happy Halloween!