PRIOR LAKE, Minn. – Prior Lake residents dealing with weeks-long flooding issues will have a chance to weigh in on the problem and possible solutions this week.

On Monday night, the Prior Lake City Council will be discussing the flooding situation and possible relief measures at a work session and during the regular meeting.

"They may get more information and how we're considering the various issues," Prior Lake Mayor Ken Hedberg told KARE 11 on Sunday, adding that he predicts it will become a "no wake summer" for local boaters.

"It's going to be a quiet summer on Prior Lake," he said.

Meantime, some residents continue paddling to their front door while their homes remain islands.

"At first it was alright. You know, it was just something different. We lived with it, but I'll tell you, it's getting real old," said Tom Buckingham, who along with his wife, Sue, was just getting out of his paddle boat to run an errand when he talked to KARE 11.

"We paddled up here by boat. That's how we get in and out," he said about his family and neighbors who live on Watersedge Trail.

It's been nearly a month since the neighborhood began ferrying to their homes. And now they fear it could be months more before they're able to have access to their homes by any other means.

"If we don't do something about that street, as an example, they're going to be boating to their homes probably until early August. That's at the soonest," said Matt Brei, also a Prior Lake resident.

Brei helped organized an effort along his street to sandbag and use strategically placed pumps in order to rid the street of water. But even with the effort, a good rainfall will flood the streets once again.

"I've never hated rain as much as I hate it now. Honestly," Brei said.

Still, Brei noted the water level has dropped – as much as six inches from its peak. According to the Prior Lake – Spring Lake Watershed District, the current lake elevation is 905.76 feet above sea level.

The Buckinghams will welcome when that number drops a couple feet or more.

"It's wearing on us. Stressed out and tired of it," said Tom Buckingham.