SHAKOPEE, Minn. - There's new technology called "NuCalm" that could help take the edge off all the way through your dental procedure.

Dr. Kevin Bril, co-owner of O'Brien Dental Care in Shakopee is one of the few dentist offices with it. They are one of the few with the system and the only office in Minnesota that's certified as a provider. This year, Dr. Bril received his Certified NuCalm Providers (CNP) designation that reflects the training and regular use of the system. He is among the first in Minnesota to earn this distinction.

"There's no way this works, this is BS. But then I tried it myself and I was floored. Being on this system for 30 minutes is the equivalence of 2 hours of sleep. So it's absolutely incredible," said Dr. Bril.

Within 10 minutes, the patented, 4 step, drug-free stress relief system brings patients to a state hovering between awareness and sleep.

The first step, putting on light blocking glasses and the second is putting on these headphones to listen to Neuroacoustic software, which sounds like the relaxing music you'd hear at a spa, that Dr. Bril says does a "brain tricking" thing. "The third part is we actually use a cream that goes ahead and floods your system with GABA, which is what you need to actual go to sleep at night so it kind of makes it easy for you to relax and the fourth part is a micro current that we go ahead and apply behind the ears," said Dr. Bril.

I tried the system out for twenty minutes. And almost fell asleep, I didn't have any dental work done but I could see how it might make the procedure less scary. "For anybody who is really anxious at the dentist it's great whether it's a cleaning or it's for treatment or anything like that, longer procedures whether it's an implant placement, root canal, anything like that would be great," said Dr. Bril.

So Dr. Bril says if your dentist offers this system, use it. It typically runs 50 to 75 dollars per use.

And ages 16 and up can use the system, he says the central nervous system is not yet developed in kids younger.

He also says the system is great for people with jaw/joint dysfunction or sleep issues.

O'Brien Dental Care is giving away a Nu Calm System to a patient of there's battling breast cancer.

The local gifting is part of NuCalm's planned national $500,000 Giveaway Program through which each CNP office will present a unit four times each year to deserving individuals in their community who are dealing with cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic injury, or another affliction that will benefit from the NuCalm regimen.

Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

NuCalm was selected by Innovation & Tech Today for its Editor's Choice Award, and 'Best Healthcare Technology.'

The system earned a rare, perfect 5.0 score from Dental Industry Shopper's independent Product Evaluation Team.