SAINT ANTHONY, Minn. - Sunday marked the third day of protests after the acquittal of former officer Jeronimo Yanez in the shooting death of Philando Castile.

People gathered Sunday afternoon in front of Saint Anthony Village City Hall, where Yanez worked at the time he shot Philando Castile.

For many, the anger over Friday's verdict is still very fresh, but they say they want to channel that outrage into changes in the laws that govern officer-involved shootings.

Organizers dubbed Sunday's event "Father's Day for Philando." He was not a father, but had become a father figure for Diamond Reynold's daughter, Dae-Ann, who was 4 years old and in the back seat when Yanez shot Castile.

Among those who protested Sunday was a young man from Eden Prairie named Abdi Iman, who had never been at one of these rallies before. He wore a pair of wings in Castile's honor.

"I'm sure he's looking down, and that's the symbol of the wings," Iman said. "He's looking down, sad that he can't be part of this big day, Father's Day. That he can't be with his family."

Castile's sister, Allysza Castile, said Dae-Ann was like a child to him.

"He loved her and he cared for her just like his own, just as well as he cared for all 500 of those kids at J.J. Hill," she said.

She said she believes the public will be shocked when they see the dashcam video of the shooting.

The Father's Day protesters marched to the Silver Lake Village shopping district and briefly occupied several intersections along the way. Only one tense moment occurred when they forced a man in a pickup to back up instead of driving through an intersection.

Most of the time there was a buffer between cars and protesters, because several police agencies did traffic control, blocking off side streets and diverting cars around the marchers.

Other weekend protests

On Saturday, about 200 protesters met at Loring Park in Minneapolis. They marched down Hennepin Avenue and blocked the intersection at Fifth Street.

This was much smaller than the demonstration after the verdict was announced on Friday. That night, 2,000 people gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in St. Paul before heading to I-94 and shutting down the interstate for a couple of hours. Eighteen people were arrested for failing to comply with the state patrol's orders to disperse.