MINNEAPOLIS - What started as a routine city council meeting eventually turned to protest on Friday.

Members of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar showed up in the city council chambers to propose what they're calling a Minneapolis Police Accountability Council. They say they want the all-elected council to re-write the police handbook, investigate all police shootings and have the final authority when it comes to the discipline of officers.

“What we need is community control of the Minneapolis police department,” shouted one protestor.

“We would like to have police accountability. We don't want another Philando Castile, Terrance Franklin, Fong Lee, Marcus Golden or Jamar Clark. We need police accountability. From you,” said another protestor speaking to Minneapolis city council members.

Jamar Clark was shot and killed during a scuffle with two Minneapolis Police officers in November of 2015. Ultimately no charges were filed against the officers involved.

Clark’s mother, Irma Burns, was among those who showed up to protest and call for change.

“This is my opportunity right now to come from behind the curtains and let people see the real deal when your loved one is taken away from you,” Burns said. “I just thank everybody here today, because that gives me hope and lets me know that the fight has just begun.”
Protestors also joined forces with the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee at city hall Friday to call for action to support local immigrants and refugees.