MANKATO, Minn. - A group of Mankato residents was rocked by another quarry blast from a nearby mining operation that sent large rocks flying into their neighborhood.

The Mankato Free Press reports that a blast at Jefferson Quarry on August 8 sent chunks of limestone - some as large as bowling balls - careening into homes and yards. One knocked a hole in the siding of one residence, roofs were struck and large tree branches sheared off.

"I was like, 'What's that sound?'" neighbor Tim Slipy told the Free Press. "It was the rocks coming in. You could hear it flying through the trees. ... Small ones, big ones. You're talking 20, 30, maybe 50."

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The city has suspended the quarry's blasting permit for the second time in recent months while it investigates.

In April the company's blasting permit was pulled after the limestone and sand mining operation set off more than 4,500 pounds of explosives. The company says a 2.8 Richter scale earthquake occurred less than 10 seconds after the blast. Blue Earth County Sheriff's officials say they received more than 70 calls in the 15 minutes following the blast.

City and company officials say the quarry has considered closing at the end of the year.