WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. - It is a traditional summer soundtrack -- boats rumbling off in the distance, kids splashing in the water.

They are sounds that have been silent at the Ramsey County Beach on White Bear Lake for nearly a decade.

Until now.

"It's exciting to hear the sounds of the water,” said Catina Zambrano who spent the afternoon at the beach with her two children. "It's been a long time. My kids have actually never been able to go in this beach."

Catina Zambrano grew up swimming at this beach. Her kids have only been able to do is look at it.

"It almost felt like the lake was dying. I mean, there was just kind of like these expanses of sand and it looked more like a desert than a lake,” she said.

Until now.

Hard to believe all water used to be weeds when lake levels were dangerously low. Officials closed down the beach for roughly 8 years hoping the lake would recover.

"There is a steep drop off and it's all about safety and once it got to the point you'd be walking into the drop-off, clearly we could not have the beach open,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt.

She said the beach will officially open Saturday at noon, as will other county beaches.

"(We are) really happy that Mother Nature played a role in this and got the water level back up,” she said.

Despite the excitement, there are still some lake homeowners who are concerned the higher lake levels could be a short reprieve and fear another drop could happen.

Reinhardt told KARE 11 the county will be monitoring the situation and if the water level drops again officials would consider closing the beach.

"It's so exciting because it was a lake that I remember when I was little and it's beautiful,” said Zamabrano.