Renee Tessman joined KARE in February of 1997. After many years as the morning reporter, she now reports for Health Fair 11, putting together stories on health-related topics and working on efforts to provide free or reduced-cost screenings to the public. She does general assignment reporting as well.

Renee graduated from St. Olaf College with degrees in Russian and French. She also attended Bemidji State University and graduated from Brooklyn Center High School.

When I was young, I wanted to be: A meteorologist. I was fascinated by tornadoes. I also wanted to be a forest ranger or a photographer.

Describe your perfect day: Hanging out on one of Minnesota's gorgeous lakes.

Proudest moment: Whenever people say something wonderful about my boys.

Favorite subject in school: Theater and languages, but I really liked almost any subject.

Favorite sport to play: I'm more of a dancer than an athlete. And they don't make Lawn Jarts anymore.

Proudest Award or story: The Wisconsin Medical Association gave me their annual award for a series of stories I did on the hidden problems of domestic abuse in rural areas. It raised awareness and hopefully helped some women to get out of those situations.

Family: Renee is married and has three sons.