NEW YORK - A familiar face appeared on Comedy Central's The Daily Show Thursday night -- Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar began her interview snagging a selfie with host Trevor Noah, saying, "Everyone wants to make sure I do this."

Noah then launched into Omar's "fascinating" back stories -- being a refugee, from Somalia, a Muslim, a woman and being in government.

"You are everything that President Trump seems to be against," he said.

"I am America's hope and the president's nightmare," she replied.

Omar talked about her family's process to come to the United States, fleeing a war-torn country and fighting to become a citizen. She spoke of friends who weren't as lucky to flee a refugee camp, who weren't given an opportunity for an education, or for a better life for their families.

"I came back sort of having a survivor's guilt and realizing that I had to do more, I had to give a voice to those that we left behind," she said. "I had to fight for a better life here, in the U.S., for those who made it here."

She also spoke a lot about Minnesota -- the large Somali community that exists and the election she went through and won, as well as her hopes for what she'll be able to accomplish.

Omar documented her journey on her Twitter page.

You can watch her extended interview below.