MINNEAPOLIS - To many north-side residents, former "Inspector" Mike Friestleben was the best police officer they've ever had.

“We haven't had anyone who built relationships like he built. In one year, the relationships he built are phenomenal,” Lynne Crockett said in May 2016.

But 16 months after being promoted to Inspector in the 4th precinct, Friestleben was suspended, demoted to lieutenant, then just recently transferred out of North Minneapolis to a different precinct.

According to documents KARE 11 obtained through a public data request, it all stems from how Friestleben handled a complaint made against him by a lower-ranking officer.

The female officer had a restraining order against a man she said was stalking her -- Kyle Blake.

The report says Blake called the 4th precinct where the female officer works 41 times, violating the restraining order. And instead of reporting it that day like was supposed to, it says Friestleben waited three months.

Then, after the female officer filed a complaint against Friestleben for that, the report says Friestleben acted improperly by directly discussing the complaint with the officer.

Chief Janeé Harteau wrote in the report "Throughout the course of this process from beginning to end, Inspector Friestleben failed to exercise good judgement, leadership and follow basic orders...  I have lost all confidence in Inspector Friestleben's ability to hold the unclassified , at-will rank of inspector."