MINNEAPOLIS - Residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood have rejected a request by HBO to film a show about Somalis in America in their building.

MPR News reports the vote came Wednesday night after a meeting in which HBO representatives argued their show, "Mogadishu, Minnesota," will be a family drama about Somali-American life.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, which owns a Cedar-Riverside area building where HBO had hoped to begin filming next week, agreed to the filming if residents approved and the locations fees benefited the residents.

But Wednesday, the Minneapolis Highrise Representative Council, comprised of residents, rejected HBO's proposal by a vote of 51-0.

Residents of the building said they were afraid the show will portray Somali-Americans in a negative light.

The show's producers said they'll respect the residents' wishes and not film there.

The show will continue shooting at about a dozen other locations around the city.