The new chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota (RPM) says she has received the resignation of the person responsible for an offensive post on the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party's Facebook page on Monday.

The post contained a photo of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) calling him a "Head Muslim Goat Humper." The post was directed at Rep. Collin Peterson, who represents Minnesota's 7th district, criticizing him for being "hunting buddies" with Ellison.

The photo was posted Monday afternoon and removed within hours, but KARE 11 saved a screenshot.

The new RPM chair, Jennifer Carnahan, released a statement just before 9 p.m. calling for the resignation of the person responsible. The statement reads:

"The recent 7th Congressional District Republican Facebook post is repugnant hate speech and in no way reflects the values of the Minnesota Republican Party, or the 7th Congressional District Republicans. I have asked for the immediate resignation of the individual responsible for this action. As Chair, I will not tolerate such activity from anyone associated with our party."

Carnahan posted on Facebook and Tweeted denouncing the post, as well.

At 9:41 p.m., Carnahan told KARE 11's John Croman in an email that "The 7th Congressional District has received the immediate resignation of the individual responsible for the hate filled post."

DFL Chairman Ken Martin also responded to the post Monday evening, saying "the ignorance and bigotry displayed in this post is staggering and disheartening."

"Americans across the country have witnessed a disturbing increase in this type of threatening behavior and fear mongering since the election of Donald Trump, and now it seems the Minnesota Republican Party is embracing it all too much. ... This disgusting, racist and hateful sentiment has no place in Minnesota. Chairwoman Carnahan should be ashamed and owes an apology to Congressman Ellison and all Minnesotans."