CHASKA, Minn. – If you’re planning on attending the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club this weekend, there are a few tips we listed below from the people who have already been there.

1. Wear something identifiable and have a meeting spot if you get separated from your group.

“Dress in something everyone can recognize,” said Sheila and Tom Lewellyn, of California. “Cause it helps you meet up because it’s crowded.”

2. Dress in layers because it’s cold in the morning.
"And don’t wear a tank top right away in the morning,” said Dave Soenen who laughed because he wearing tank top.

3. Get there an hour earlier than you think if you want to get seats in one of the stands.
“From people we talked to who got here on time to see the first tee offs, they got to Canterbury around 5:45,” said Jared Soenen, Dave’s son.

4. Don’t try to chase all the action. Instead, set up shop for a bit to see all the players.

“It was amazing, I could have touched Phil,” said Kathi Berens who sat down at the 9th hole. “He was that close.”

5. Be sure to get a ticket before you leave a grandstand. You can then get your seat back if you have to go to the bathroom or get some food.

6. Buy a small low frequency radio with ear buds when you get there which you can wear around your neck to follow the action.

7. Unless you have parking credentials, you will have to park and hitch a ride with a shuttle bus.

“They can’t walk in, they can’t be dropped at the curb by someone and walk in or park by a nearby business or neighborhood and walk in,” said Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight.

8. Don’t wait to go to the bathroom or get some food between the morning and afternoon sessions. The lines are long.

9. Know the list of things you can’t bring into the Ryder Cup beforehand. It will save you time.

10. Download the Ryder Cup app. It will have maps and other tips on how to get around

11. Have fun!

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