MINNEAPOLIS - 22-year-old Adam Clark has been missing since Feb. 28 from New Hope.

His car was found near the Ford Parkway Bridge that spans the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Paul. About 30 volunteers with United Legacy, a nonprofit group that helps search for the missing, showed up on Saturday near the bridge to help search for Clark.

"It’s not over because there is no hope," said Ramona Gunter, Clark's cousin.

"She needs him found. She needs that. It’s really for Suzy right now," said Gunter of Clark's mother, Suzy, who lives in Florida. 

Renea Donnay, another cousin, is also helping with the search.

"You kind of don't know what to look for," she said. "You're just looking for clothing. It's surreal. You do a lot of thinking while you are out there."

Both cousins say Clark has a history of mental illness and was taking medication. They believe Clark may have taken his own life. However, they want this search to spark a conversation about mental health.

"If there are any good things that come out of this, maybe sensitivity and a broader understanding that people are dealing with issues and they're difficult and you might not even know they're dealing with them," said Gunter.

Volunteers are planning another search next weekend. For more information, visit the United Legacy Facebook page.