MINNEAPOLIS - Ask any successful entrepreneur, the journey is more about pursuing a passion than chasing a dollar.

When Abir Sen left his homeland of Mumbai, India, population 16 million, to attend college in the small Wisconsin town of Appleton, he knew his life would change forever. He just didn't know how much.

Abir worked his way through Lawrence University by delivering pizzas. After moving to Minneapolis for a consulting job, he and a few co-workers decided to start a business. But it wasn't until he experienced a serious "health care event" that he knew what he really wanted to do.

Dealing with a confusing medical insurance system sparked Abir into starting what would be a string of very successful health care related companies, including Red Brick Health, Bloom Health and the original start-up, Definity Health, which sold for $300 million.

"Our vision is to be on the consumers side and give them power," Abir's said of his most recent effort, Gravie, a consumer based company that assists individuals and employers in selecting appropriate health care plans. The company is off to a strong start and has recently received another $10 million in financing.

At age 39, this entrepreneur runs his company according to these road-tested philosophies:

*Never hire, work with or take money from jerks.

*Always trust your gut; it's the sum total of all your experiences.

*Don't trust the experts; they rarely know as much about your business as you do.

As for the future. Abir plans to take Gravie to a national level as well as provide additional consumer friendly health care services.