SHAKOPEE, Minn. - Parents are packing into a community meeting Monday evening to get answers about what led to a $4.5 million budget mistake that could cost up to 10 teachers their jobs.

Shakopee Superintendent Rod Thompson informed staff via email on March 10 of the error, which is said was found to be "human errors made through a series of inaccurate budgeting assumptions, omissions and errors."

According to the district, administrators underestimated expenses for special education, athletics and activities, summer school and more.

"This is obviously something that didn't happen overnight," said concerned parent Cole Rivard. "Where was the supervision?"

Rivard has twins in kindergarten and is concerned that potential teacher cuts will lead to increased class size.

The school's business director, Mike Burlager, is retiring and will be replaced in June.

But Superintendent Rod Thompson just signed a new $212,000 contract - a 10-percent raise.

According to The Grand Rapids Herald Review, when Thompson left the much smaller Greenway school district in 2006, they were dealing with a $700,000 accounting error.

"I totally think he's under scrutiny," Rivard said.