MINNEAPOLIS – Fans were offering a special thanks to those who organized this year's TwinsFest for giving Minnesotans some semblance of hope for spring.

"I've hated this winter," said longtime Twins fan Dorothy Foster. "Good thing I'm retired, so I don't have to go out in it."

Foster says she has her tickets in hand and is praying the season's switch soon. So do the 15,000 other fans jammed in to Target Field for Twins Fest.

"We're thinking about warm weather, summer nights, and balls flying out of the ballpark," said one fan. "This gets us in the mood."

There are other Minnesotans who aren't quite ready.

"We've been sleeping outside for almost 20 years," Charlie Hutchinson said while constructing an igloo Saturday evening. "You might call us crazy, but it's pretty comfortable in here."

Hutchinson, along with a few dozen brave souls, will sleep in their man-made igloos Saturday into Sunday. It's an annual Winter Carnival tradition, plus they raise money for Second Harvest Heartland.

"Our forefathers went through much worse than zero-degree weather," he chuckles. "Everyone should sleep in an igloo at least once in their life."

Bitter temps return Sunday, but Hutchinson says a massive disc golf tournament will march on. For more information log on to the "Gotta Go Gotta Throw" website.