NORTHFIELD, Minn. - Hundreds of St. Olaf College students are protesting racist messages that have been found on the school's campus.

Student sit-in protest at St. Olaf College. (Credit: KARE)

Students began a sit-in protest late Saturday afternoon in the Buntrock Commons area. Many students slept on the floor overnight.

Student sit-in protest at St. Olaf College. (Credit: KARE)

Protesters say the latest racist incident was a hate-filled note discovered on a black student's car Saturday afternoon.

St. Olaf College's Dean of Students, Rosalyn Eaton, says eight racist notes have been found on campus since the beginning of the school year.

"They (students) have reason to be concerned and frightened. This violates all of our values as a community. Racism is alive and well in the United States and it is alive and well at St. Olaf," said Eaton.

"What we've been doing basically is invading public spaces and making our presence known on this campus because for so long we've been ignored," said Limi Simbakalia, a St. Olaf junior.

The school says it is investigating along with the Northfield Police Department. Students are promising to continue their protests until action is taken.