ST. PAUL - Our social media accounts can be prime real estate. The last thing we want is for our accounts to be compromised. The thought of someone hacking our accounts or even impersonating us, is unsettling.

“It’s weird, I think a lot of people don’t think it could happen to them. So when it does happen, they are like how did this happen," said Storm Otis, a security analyst at Nerdery. 

Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell took to his Facebook profile Thursday morning, saying he was hacked. Apparently someone had created another profile posing as him, sending friend requests to his friends.

“Stealing his identity,” added Otis.

The first thing one should do if they fall victim to hacking or scams on social media, is to immediately change their password and report it to Facebook.

In addition to that experts say you should make sure your friends list is private and make sure your profile isn’t showing up in search engines and watermark your public photos.