ST. PETER, Minn. - Three people and two family dogs are safe, thanks to the heroic actions of a St. Peter police officer.

According to a post on the department's Facebook page, Officer Joshua Klaseus, a two-year veteran, saw smoke pouring from a single family home on the 1800 block of North 3rd Street during the early morning hours on Tuesday while on routine patrol.

Officer Klaseus saw the home was partially engulfed in flames and immediately called for assistance from the St. Peter Fire Department.

But instead of waiting for crews to arrive, Klaseus ran to a north side door at the home, found it to be unlocked and entered the house, yelling, "Police!" and "Anyone in here?"

"While putting his own life in danger he walked into the house while continuing to yell," the Facebook post states.

He heard a woman's voice and directed her out the door. She asked the officer where "Jack" was and told him her son was still inside.

He stopped the woman from entering the home again and instead, went in again and found a man cradling an infant. He helped them to safety, while flames continued to spread in the home.

According to the department, Klaseus grouped the family outside and determined there were no other occupants in the home.

They told him they had no idea their home was on fire until he came in.

Klaseus also helped save the two family dogs inside the home.