MINNEAPOLIS --- Constructing a $1.129 billion stadium might have been easier than actually managing it. Just ask the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA).

After a number of controversies surrounding the management of US Bank Stadium in the last year, including the use of luxury suites by stadium authority members and the hiring of a troubled security company, MSFA will face some tough questions from members of the State Government Finance Committee on Thursday.

In September, MSFA fired Monterrey Security, after an investigation by the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services revealed that the company failed to conduct thorough background checks on new hires and did not properly train all employees.

Rep. Sarah Anderson, R- Plymouth, believes MSFA did not properly vet Monterrey Security, before rewarding the company with a 3-year contract.

Anderson said, she googled the company and quickly found a Chicago Tribune article that revealed its troubled history.

"It would be helpful to find out how on God's green earth did this ever happen? Especially when you consider the technology that is available to us and just the expectation that everybody has about this facility," said Anderson, during a phone interview. "I think there's some big questions that we'll have and it's not just me. There's plenty of members who are shaking their heads at this and say we need to have some change."

Rep. Anderson has authored legislation that aims to reform the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. She said, Governor Mark Dayton has yet to sign it.