MINNEAPOLIS -- The managers of US Bank Stadium are predicting a seamless transition in security staffing, after a shake-up earlier in the week that sent the arena's original security company packing.

Members of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, or MSFA, were briefed Friday morning about the decision to abruptly drop Chicago-based Monterrey Security in favor of Whelan Event Services and G4S.

"I’m confident they’re not only going to provide a safe and secure environment, but they’re going to continue that world-class customer service that we expect at US Bank Stadium," stadium general manager Patrick Talty, told MSFA board members.

"Our mission is to deliver memorable moments for all fans and guests who come and I’m confident these individuals, companies, will continue to do that as well as keep everyone safe and secure."

Talty heads the Minneapolis branch of SMG, the company under contract to manage US Bank Stadium. He said there's an active effort to bring back many of Monterrey's rank and file employees. Job fairs and training sessions have also been underway all week, in an effort to provide continuity.

SMG terminated Monterrey's contract following a private investigation into allegations that Monterrey hadn't vetted employees carefully enough and had unlicensed agents doing security.

"Monterrey's misconduct, if I can use that term, was first brought to light when several former Monterrey employees mad complaints to the Minnesota Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agents," MSFA Executive Director Rick Evans explained.

"SMG determined that Monterrey was in default of some contractual obligations it had to SMG, as well as potential violations of state statute relating to licensing of its employees."

The Minn. Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agents on Tuesday voted against renewing Monterrey Security's license to act as a security contractor in the state, over the objections of Monterrey CEO and President Juan Gaytan Jr.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, Gaytan said the allegations against his company are baseless.

On Friday Evans tried to assure MSFA board members that Vikings fans and other visitors to the stadium had never been at risk while Monterrey was running security.

"The decision to terminate Monterrey Security was not based on safety and security factors; it was related to administrative mishandling of matters," Evan remarked.

"The security of the stadium, the facility, it’s workforce, its visitors, its guest was never in question or in doubt during the period of time that we’ve been open."

MSG's contract with the stadium board requires the company to gain approval for major contracts involving security. But MSFA's executive director Evans is empowered to sign off on urgent matters that come up in between board meetings, in consultation with board chair Mike Vekich.

Whelan Security's job fairs continue at the US Bank Stadium Oct. 2, 3 and 4 from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Applicants are asked to report to the Verizon Gate and bring government-issued photo ID or a passport, a valid Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.