ST. PAUL, Minn. - Cases of the potentially deadly dog flu are popping up across Minnesota.

Courtney Wheeler is the senior veterinarian with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. She says there have been seven confirmed cases in five counties. Two of the cases are in both Crow Wing and Wright counties. There is one case each in Ramsey, Sherburne and Kandiyohi counties.

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Board of Health put Canine influenza back on its list of reportable diseases after receiving feedback from veterinarians around the state.

All the cases have come since then. Wheeler says it's likely one of the affected animals was at a dog shelter in Crow Wing.

"We recently started receiving positive test results in July but we suspect this has been going on for longer," she said. "Dogs are infected by another dog. It could be direct contact with a dog or sharing toys, bedding, dishes or kennel space."

She also says there's an increased risk at dog parks.

If your dog is coughing, sneezing, or you see some nasal and eye discharge, those are signs of the flu.

In addition to transmission from dog to dog, it can also be picked up on clothing and carried home by the owner.