MINNEAPOLIS - Republican Stewart Mills says he, at this time, won't be running for Minnesota's 8th District congressional seat in 2018.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Mills said he will continue to review his options and possibilities but, as of now, he's not planning to run for any office this upcoming election cycle.

"The Republicans, in my direct and personal experience, are recruiting folks without a strategy, polling, or an explainable path to victory," Mills wrote. "In my opinion, these candidates will be the sacrificial lambs the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) will build their incumbent protection strategy upon."

In 2016, Mills lost to incumbent Democrat Rep. Rick Nolan by 2,009 votes. Mills intends to be involved on a local level.

"While my name probably will not appear on any ballot in 2018, I intend to be VERY involved in policy and politics this cycle," Mills added.