BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- Take a stroll around the Mall of America six days before Christmas, and the signs practically scream at you. They're in every window and every doorway. 40% off. 50% off. 2 for 1. 3 for 1. The signs come in a variety of colors, sizes, and fonts.

It gave Polo Portilla a reason to pause, and think about what he was seeing. He was at the Mall trying to get all of his shopping done in one day. "You have to take advantage of the discount, but still, you second guess the pricing," he told KARE 11 during a rare shopping break, with bags full of goodies strewn about the floor.

So it seems 30 or 40% off doesn't draw much excitement anymore. "I think that's typical. I think that's the norm now, so are you really getting a deal?" a busy shopper named Mary wondered.

We are entering a world that some are dubbing "discount fatigue." Wayne Priddy had a little shopping fatigue when we caught up with him. "It's like you expect it (the big sale) or something. Why do we go in there if they don't have something off or a '2 for 1' or '3 for 1?'" he asked.

Discount fatigue sounds a little strange, so we took the term to Carrie Rocha, who runs the popular shopping website/blog/sale center at "It exists. We are tired as consumers of everybody screaming at us sale, sale, sale!" she said.

Rocha believes we are now starting to selectively listen. Her job is to sort out the sales deals online, where every day, she finds thousands upon thousands of them. "50% off became the new normal and it's not even a deep discount unless it's 705 off," she explained.

And it won't be over on December 26th. You'll hear plenty of noise about those ever-popular after Christmas sales.