MINNEAPOLIS – Metro residents were reminded of the power of the wind on Saturday.

"It came on pretty quick," said south Minneapolis resident James Cooper. "We've been out of power the whole afternoon."

Winds nearing 70 miles per hour downed branches, trees, and power lines across the Twin Cities. It left thousands in the dark and toppled boats on Lake Minnetonka, too.

"It was 10 miles per hour, than all of a sudden it was at 40," said Peter Slocum, who needed to be rescued after his sailboat capsized. "They grabbed people first then the boats later."

Hennepin County Water Patrol assisted nine boats in distress and several of them had turned over.

"We talk about tornadoes, but straight line winds are dangerous, too," said Director of Minneapolis Emergency Management Barret Lane. "The ground is so saturated that these trees can't hold into the ground."

At the storm's peak, more than 50,000 customers were without power.

Lane reminds residents to be safe this weekend as more rain and storms are predicted. He asks the public to stay away from power lines and to call the city's 311 line to report any damage.