MINNEAPOLIS - Can money really buy happiness? Some of us were raised under the impression it can’t, but researchers who surveyed more than 6,000 people in four countries say otherwise.

The catch? You have to spend money on saving time, like chores. The survey was reportedly done in the U.S., Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands. It revealed that buying time increases Americans’ happiness about 0.77 on a 10-point scale.

“People who spend money on these services experience less stress. Stress leads to distress… and leads to us not feeling very happy in our lives,” explained, Dr. Cheryl Bemel, a licensed Psychologist with Allina Health. "Our joy comes from experiences, so when people are paying for assistance to get some of their chores done they are able to more fully engage and live their lives. That’s what leads to happiness."

As for the phrase, time is money?

"I don’t buy it, no pun intended. Happiness is based on relationships and quality of life is dependent on interacting with others, having a purpose in life and giving back to others. That’s why we see that in culture where there is very little money… If we look around the globe of how people live, and people live without, they have so much joy, because it’s the relationships – it’s not about the stuff, things," Bemel said.