MINNEAPOLIS - For most, brewing starts as a hobby – not a business.

“Most of us in the home brewing industry got our start slaving over a hot kettle at home, making beer, and fell in love with it," said Ben Smith, the head brewer at Surly Brewing Company. “It’s definitely an industry of passion.”

And that’s no different for Omar Ansari, the founder and president of Surly.

“Thirteen or 14 years ago, Omar was doing this at home, trying to make beer you couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Given Ansari’s success with home brewing, he will be the keynote speaker at this year’s 39th Annual Homebrew Con starting Thursday at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

“We are anticipating more than 2,400 attendees,” said Rachel Staats of the American Homebrewers Association.

Organizers say the event has doubled since it was last in Minneapolis.

The Homebrewers Association says Minneapolis is home to 125 craft breweries.

The conference runs June 15-17. More information is available online.

Meet Minneapolis is estimating the three-day event will bring in $4.5 million.