MINNEAPOLIS - Games have already been played for a week all across the major, but the Minnesota Twins and fans will have to wait until Monday for the 2014 season opener.

The field is ready despite snow last week. The field is even painted for the Opening Day festivities.

The Minnesota Twins could be in for another tough year after averaging 97 losses over the past three seasons. Target Field is no longer a novelty, with the gates set to open for a fifth season.

Don't discount the draw of opening day, though. That first pitch at the home ballpark is always special, and the Twins were eager for it this week.

They host Oakland on Monday afternoon, with a promising spring-like weather forecast to go along with it. They have an off day on Tuesday and are back in action on Wednesday.

The team will also unveil a series of Spartan juniper trees that are underneath the Minnie and St. Paul sign in the outfield.