ST. PAUL, Minn. – One of Minnesota’s Own will take the Xcel Energy Center stage on Wednesday night.
And when Bob Dylan begins crooning, fans of all generations will be in the audience.

“The appeal for Bob Dylan is broad. It’s everyone from the 15-year-old to the 75-year-old,” said Bob Fuchs, Retail Music Manager at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis.

Fuchs says the record store has catered to customers craving the Hibbing-born artist for the last 49 years. And he doesn’t expect that demand to subside anytime soon.

“Every day we sell Bob Dylan. Literally every day we sell Bob Dylan,” he said, adding: “Dylan’s popularity still comes back to his writing. The music, of course, but the writing.”

And on that note – pun intended – Bill DeVille, DJ and Host of United States of Americana at The Current, agrees.
“He’s basically the greatest songwriter of the last, well the Rock ‘N’ Roll Era. The greatest songwriter of the last 60 years, in my humble opinion,” DeVille said.

DeVille acknowledges Dylan also delivered a socially profound message during a critical time for the country. But he continues to resonate, he said, because of the stories within his well-crafted lyrics and notes.

“His vocals are amazing and soulful, and you can really feel the impact of the stories that he’s telling. So I think it’s his songs. But it’s also the way he delivers them,” DeVille said.

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