GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Ted Chalupskey from The Right Staff talks about the current state of the job market and the do's of don'ts of a good interview.

Interview Do's and Don'ts: "What you don't say could cost you a job":

In your search for a new job, you may have done all the right things in order to land an interview meeting. You put together a great resume' and LinkedIn profile, then you were contacted by a prospective employer and had a good phone interview, and now you are ready to meet the prospective employer for the face-to-face interview. Everything seems to be going great until the meeting, but for some reason, it doesn't result in a second interview meeting or a job offer. What went wrong?

Perhaps it wasn't something you said, but what you communicated non-verbally. Your body language in an interview setting can speak volumes about you to an interviewer. A job opportunity may be lost without you being aware of what happened. Here are some simple tips on how you can manage your non-verbal communication to help land the job:


  • Don't talk too much or too fast. Talking to fast or too much is a sign of nervous energy. If you're prone to fast talk, take a deep breath and deliberately slow down.
  • Don't fidget. Don't touch your face, play with change in your pocket or bite your nails. Fidgeting is a distraction and a sign of anxiety.
  • Don't Cross your arms. That can make you look defensive or uncomfortable. Instead, gesture with your hands. That way you'll appear more enthusiastic and engaging.
  • Don't invade the interviewer's space. Be respectful of the hiring manager's personal space. Don't stand too close and certainly don't hug them.
  • Don't show up late ... or really early. It might not seem like a sign of nervousness, but arriving for your interview really early might indicate that you're over-anxious. Map out your route to the company the day before, going so far as to actually drive it if you want. Plan for worst-case traffic and give yourself twice as long to get there.


  • Firm Handshake. Before you shake hands, rise, walk up to the hiring manager with confidence., make eye contact and smile. Make sure your handshake is firm, but don't crush the hiring manager's hand.
  • Sit up straight, and lean slightly forward in your chair to show interest and engagement.
  • Smile and nod. Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression. Try to smile, but keep it natural and subtle. Nod and make positive gestures in moderation to avoid looking like a bobblehead.
  • Go easy on colognes and perfumes. Being the candidate that gave the interviewer a headache isn't going to do anything in your favor.
  • Say Goodbye Gracefully. After a few well-thought-out questions and answers with your interviewer, it's almost over, but don't lose your cool just yet. Make sure your goodbye handshake is just as confident now as it was going in.

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