MINNEAPOLIS - Twin Cities soul singer Sonny Knight has died at the age of 69.

Secret Stash Records announced Knight's passing on Saturday. Knight first achieved moderate musical success in the 1960s as Little Sonny Knight, and again in the 1970s as a member of the funk band Haze.

After that, Knight became a full-time truck driver and served a few years in the Army.

Knight's late-in-life comeback came in 2013, when he re-entered the music world as the frontman for Sonny Knight and the Lakers. Over the next four years he and the band toured the world and produced three albums.

After his debut album with the Lakers, I'm Still Here, Knight said, “Sometimes I wonder, why me? Why are all these great things happening now? All I can say is thanks. These are dreams that I had forgotten. Only now that they are starting to come true do I remember that I had them at all.”

In March of 2017, Knight suspended his tour schedule to focus on lung cancer recovery.

At that time, he said on the band's blog:

“The last four years of being a part of the lakers have been the best years of my life. It’s incredible all the people that have come out and given us so much love and support. I’m canceling my shows because I want to give them the best that I’ve got, and right now the chemo won’t let me do that. After my treatment, I’ll be back to give that love back to the people. Just know I’m not done. We gotta keep on moving. That’s all I want to do is keep on moving.”