MINNEAPOLIS - The latest issue of Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook is out -- and with it a review and ratings of local services. Among the benefits? Ways to make life easier, especially for parents.

For example, for those overwhelmed with clutter, it may be time to call a professional to clean up the homes and the hard drives.

“Others specialize in documents. There’s a new field these days in organizing – digital organizing,” explained Kevin Brasler with checkbook.org.

Some organizers are certified.

“I think if you are looking for a specific type of organizer – it’s worthwhile looking into organizers who have those certifications,” said Brasler.

Remember to do a quality check.

“We found that some organizers charge just ridiculous fees – huge retainers for small projects. You should ask for a contract or some sort of written confirmation – describes what they are going to do… how much time they are going to send on your project.”

For parents who have children in diapers, Brasler has tips on saving a lot of money.

“We shopped warehouse clubs and Target, Walmart and supermarkets and found overwhelmingly the lowest prices were offered by Amazon. The next lowest retailer, for diapers in the area – Walmart,” explained Brasler.

Name brand versus generic?

“Do consider buying generics, trying them out. We found those generic brands at some of these places are priced very low. If you have infants… don’t buy a huge order … they are going to outgrow those diapers really quickly.”