MINNEAPOLIS - We've all run over them. Some of our tires have survived, while others have not.

'Tis pothole season on Twin Cities streets. Comparatively speaking, this season hasn't been as bad as others.

"We’ve had a very long, unseasonably warm and dry spring, so there haven’t been a lot of the ingredients that typically make the streets blow up all at one time," says Mike Kennedy, director of transportation, maintenance and repair with the City of Minneapolis.

That's not to say they aren't around. The pothole on the corner of Willow and West 14th Street in Loring Park is hard to miss. But it's located on a "low-volume" street, which means it's not the top of priorities, according to Kennedy.

"They are low-volume streets," Kennedy says. "Doesn’t mean they are not something we are going to pay attention to, but yeah, we will be up trying to patch that."

According to Kennedy, roads that have less than 5,000 cars on them each day are classified as "low-volume." This doesn't mean these are roads less traveled.

"Very bad!" is how Jan Zweig describes 29th Street in Uptown.

"This road has been this way for years," Zweig says. "They fill them up, but they never fix this road in Minneapolis."

Kennedy says yesterday marked the beginning of the spring and summer construction season, which means Minneapolis will have nine repair crews out and about permanently patching potholes.

He says if you come across a pothole on a Minneapolis street, call 311 to report it. If you’re in St. Paul, call 651-266-9700.