Eva Igo's talent has always been evident to those around her.

"I’ve had Eva since she was 3 years old," says Michele Larkin, her teacher at Larkin Dance Studio. "She does, you know, the same steps that everybody else does, but she just has a way of making everything look fabulous, so talented."

Now Igo's talents are being recognized by many more people, as the Inver Grove Heights teen gets ready to compete on the national NBC show World of Dance.

Igo didn't seek out the show -- she was sought out after the producers saw her perform on a YouTube video and sent her a message on Instagram.

Her longtime dance home, Larkin Dance Studio, held a viewing party Tuesday night to see her debut on the national stage.

"Kind of nervewracking but really exciting at the same time," Igo said.

Her mother, Dawn Igo, is seeing the performance for the second time.

"She worked really hard and she deserves it," Dawn said.

And as the show goes on, Dawn also knows Eva can handle whatever the “world” might throw her way.

"She has a really good heart and a good sense of self," Dawn said. "She’s really kind of a giving kid."

See Eva's qualifying performance here: