MINNEAPOLIS - With just five days until the Vikings take on the Lions, officials with U.S. Bank Stadium announced they have fired their security company.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, Monterrey Security's contract was terminated Monday night.

G4S & Whelan Security will be taking over, effective immediately.

"When we take a look at our safety and security of our guests and employees, that's our highest priority," said Michael Vekich, chairman of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

The change was prompted by an investigation of Monterrey Security, which began several months ago, and was conducted by the Minnesota Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board.

Vekich said shortly after that investigation began, SMG (the stadium's operator) started their own.

From that report and investigation -- which was recently released -- they discovered Monterrey's non-compliance activity "clearly put us in a position to make a decision to make that transition," Vekich said.

The three major takeaways from that report: Monterrey was not in compliance with state regulations and rules of the licensing board, they had unlicensed personnel working for them and what Vekich called "billing irregularities."

"The calculation of the numbers weren't accurate," he said. "And some people were maybe billed twice."

Vekich said the transition went well and "was handled professionally."

"It was very smooth," he said.

The Minnesota Sports Facility Authority sent out the following statement, after the transition was made:

The safety and security of all guests and employees of U.S. Bank Stadium is the MSFA and SMG’s highest priority. This past May, SMG was made aware of the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services' investigation into Monterrey Security’s operations at U.S. Bank Stadium. Subsequently, SMG initiated its own investigation into Monterrey’s operations to ensure that it was performing in compliance with established regulations and policy in accordance with its contract with SMG. That investigation is now complete.

Apart from any action that the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services might take with respect to licensing Monterrey Security, SMG has terminated its relationship with the organization; Monterrey Security will no longer be providing support at U.S. Bank Stadium. Immediately following this action, Whelan Event Services and G4S began providing security for the stadium’s events and 24-hour security needs. Both of these service providers have a current workforce that is licensed by the State of Minnesota to perform these duties. Whelan Event Services and G4S are committed to continue hiring Minnesotans and are hosting several upcoming job fairs at U.S. Bank Stadium.

SMG works with several companies that provide security services at the facilities it manages throughout the country. These firms are selected by a fair, data-driven process that is based on their demonstrated ability to perform security operations; and in Minnesota that same process was followed. Monterrey Security was selected after being licensed by the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services. While Monterrey failed to comply with established regulations and policies on an administrative basis, independent assessments of security at U.S. Bank Stadium have validated the existing operational security procedures. The safety and security of all guests and employees of U.S. Bank Stadium continues to be our top priority.