MINNEAPOLIS - The mother of Philando Castile has filed a petition to receive two-thirds of the nearly $3 million settlement the estate received after her son was fatallty shot by a St. Anthony Police officer.

The petition, filed in Hennepin County District Court, would award estate trustee Valerie Castile $2 million, with the remaining $995,000 going to attorneys. Castile sent letters to a list of 16 relatives (half-siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles) who might want part of the settlement, asking for a letter no more than five pages long describing what aid, care, comfort, and companionship, financial or otherwise, that Philando would have provided him or her had he lived. The petition states that only Philando Castile's father Phelix H. Frazier Sr. replied, and he reportedly did not ask for a single cent of the award. Frazier is serving life in a federal prison in Illinois.

Valerie Castile says her son Philando live with her, and contributed financially and through a wide variety of household duties. She also claims he was a unique source of companionship, comfort, and
security with his "steady demeanor and solid advice"; She refers to Philando as "the man of the house", and,
because of their ten year age difference, acted as a father figure to his half-sister Alysza—which was not only
important to Alysza, but also very important to his mom. Valerie Castile tells the court she has suffered a
profound loss with the death of her only son.

A judge will review the petition August 2.

Castile was shot in July 2016 during a traffic stop seconds after he informed Officer Jeronimo Yanez he had a gun. Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter after testifying that Castile ignored commands not to reach for the gun. Valerie Castile announced the nearly $3 million settlement with the City of St. Anthony just days later.