EDINA, Minn. - A recent Facebook post caught our attention over a problem that virtually every homeowner might face. It's for insurance on what could be an expensive repair...but is it for real? The Facebook post was questioning an offer from the City of Edina for insurance to cover future water or sewer line repair.

To verify whether this was a legitimate offer we talked with Dave Goergen, with the City of Edina, and researched information on the City's website.

The City says they did send the letter about the insurance because they wanted to notify citizens of the option.

On Edina's website, the city says the coverage costs less than six dollars a month. Repairs can range from 13 hundred to four thousand dollars.

It's designed to cover problems of the water or sewer line owned by the homeowner.

"Essentially, it's a supplemental insurance to cover either your water or your sanitary service lines that go from the city mains to to the property. most homeowners insurance will only cover the footprint of the structure, and not those service lines outside of the footprint, " said Goergen.

So yes - we can verify that the offer is real. The city also says the same program is used by Richfield and Saint Louis Park, along with 300 other municipalities across the country. If interested check with your city to see if they offer it.